New synthwave project!

2017-03-29 21:23:56 by Keypat

Hi guys, I'm back. I'm sorry for by disappear. I'm very busy with my real life XD. I want to show you this new synthwave track, I hope you enjoy :)


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2017-03-29 22:14:52

No need to apologize. Real life comes first, after all.

I'm surprised by how well you did with that track. I was figuring you were going to post a couple of simple, crude attempts at Synthwave first, but that's some amazing progress you've made in a relatively short period of time.


2017-03-29 22:17:24

Oh, I forgot to ask. Will this music eventually be available on your bandcamp? I don't have a soundcloud account.

Keypat responds:

My new data fatale project is still in the works, so its gonan take some time to finish the full EP, and also I'm working on my image, so as Im done Im gonna post it on all my social sites, including this one.
thank you for your support